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Maryland Food Industry Council Hall of Fame

Established in 2003, the Maryland Food Industry Council Hall of Fame honors individuals, families, and businesses that have made a significant contribution to the food industry in Maryland. New members are inducted annually at the Maryland Food Industry Council Hall of Fame Breakfast every November.


You can download the list of Hall of Fame members here

Maryland Food Industry Council Hall of Fame Members

Melvin Higgs, Little George’s Store, 2020

Domino Sugar, ASR Group, 2020

Steven Trout, Trout’s Supreme Seafood, 2020

Ira Kress, Giant Food, Inc., 2020

John Gates, Lancaster Foods, LLC, 2019

Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., Governor of Maryland, 2019

Otterbein’s Bakery, Otterbein’s Bakery, 2019

Babette Poyer, Lauer’s Supermarket & Bakery, 2019

Bernadette Snoops, Lauer’s Supermarket & Bakery, 2019

Sandy Banthem, Bel-Garden Bi-Rite Supermarket, 2018

Elda DeVarie, EMD Food Distributor, 2018

George Mezardash, Little George’s Trout Food Market, 2018

Jim Perdue, Perdue Farms, 2018

Paul Saval, Saval Foods Corporation, 2018

Eric Costello, Baltimore City Council, 2017

Tom Lenkevich, Giant Food Stores, Inc., 2017

Stanley Pearlman, NAFCO Wholesale Seafood Distributors, 2017

Leon F. Pinkett III, Baltimore City Council, 2017

Catherine Pugh, Baltimore City Mayor, 2017

Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer, Baltimore City Council, 2017

Simmons Family, Simmons Center Market, 2017

Travers Family, Simmons Center Market, 2017

Jonathan Weis, Weis Markets, 2017

Ira Mendelson, Murry’s, Inc., 2016

Paterakis Family, H&S Bakery, 2016

David Snider, Snider’s Supermarket, 2016

Jerome Snider, Snider’s Supermarket, 2016

Rikki Spector, Baltimore City Council, 2016

Michael Warehime, Snyder’s of Hanover, 2016

Benjamin Green, B. Green & Company, Inc, 2015

Rob Harman, Giant Food, LLC, 2015

Jack Landsman, UTZ Quality Food, Inc., 2015

John W. Schock, Financial Management Solutions (FMS), 2015

Jeffrie Zellmer, Maryland Retailers Association, 2015

Eddie Gordon, Eddie’s Market of Charles Village, 2014

Clyde Hartlove, Schluderberg-Kurdle Meat Company (ESSKAY), 2014

Dave Richman, Giant Food, LLC, 2014

Robin Bissell, ESSKAY, Inc., 2013

Ray Darr, UTZ Quality Food, Inc., 2013

Sidney Goldstein, Thunderbird Sales, 2013

Andrew P. Klein, Klein’s ShopRite of Maryland, 2013

Nancy Cohen, Eddie’s Market of Roland Park, 2012

Sally Dickerson, Safeway, Inc., 2012

Ann Miller, Maryland Food Bank, 2012

Esther Peterson, Giant Food, LLC, 2012

Joanne Stathes Kluge, Finklestein & Company, 2012

Bruce Bereano, The Office of Bruce C. Bereano, 2011

Bob Burris, Burris Logistics, 2011

Bill Hupfeldt, The Schluderberg-Kurdle Company, 2011

Roy Marks, Food-A-Rama, Shoppers Food Warehouse, 2011

Jeff Metzger, Best-Met Publishing, 2011

Don Bennett, Richfood Holdings Inc., 2010

Anthony D’Anna, Mars Supermarkets, 2010

Paul Diamond, Food-A-Rama, 2010

Robert Lawless, McCormick & Company, Inc., 2010

Tom Saquella, Maryland Retailers Association, 2010

Roddy Smith, Schmidt Baking Company, 2010

Gerson Barnett, Giant Food LLC, 2009

Tom Castleberry, Safeway Inc., 2009

Ralph C. Kemp, Cloverland Farms Dairy, 2009

John Loveys, Haddon House Food Products, Inc., 2009

Murry Mendelson, Murry’s, Inc., 2009

Bill White, Shoppers Food Warehouse, 2009

The Honorable John F. Wood, Jr., Maryland House of Delegates, 2009

James H. Glenn, Chesapeake Randall, 2008

Harold Graul, Jr., Graul’s Market, 2008

Dave Herriman, Giant Food LLC, 2008

Tom McNutt, Sr., Local 400, United Food and Commercial Workers, 2008

Alan Warehime, Hanover Brands, 2008

Herb Whiteside, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, 2008

Mitchell Berliner, Berliner Special Distributors, 2007

Richard J. Bestany, Food World, 2007

Lynn Brantley, Capital Area Food Bank, 2007

Al Dobbin, Giant Food Inc., 2007

Lee Javitch, Giant Food Stores, Inc., 2007

Charles Johann, Quality Marketing Associates, 2007

James McCracken, The Leaman Company, 2007

Albert E. Saval, Saval Foods Corporation, 2007

Bill Ewing, Maryland Food Bank, 2006

Louis Fanaroff, Magruders, 2006

Steve Favazza, Schmidt Baking, 2006

Elliott Friedman, Burris Logistics, 2006

Herb Halperin, DPI Halperin, 2006

Charles Hofmeister, Pantry Pride/Super Fresh, 2006

Odonna Mathews, Giant Food, Inc., 2006

Brice Phillips, Phillips, 2006

Shirley Phillips, Phillips, 2006

Richard Rogers, Washington Flour, 2006

Victor Cohen, Eddie’s of Roland Park, 2005

Ralph Klein, Klein’s Supermarkets, 2005

Shirley Klein, Klein’s Supermarkets, 2005

Edward Lauer, Lauer’s Supermarket & Bakery, 2005

Helen Lauer, Lauer’s Supermarket & Bakery, 2005

Charles P. McCormick, Jr., McCormick & Company, Inc., 2005

Michael J. Pastore, Pastore’s Italian Foods, 2005

William Donald Schaefer, Maryland State Comptroller, 2005

Barry F. Scher, Giant Food LLC, 2005

Hanan Sibel, Chaimson Brokerage Company, 2005

George Small, P.A. & S. Small Company, 2005

Jack Burris, Burris Logistics, 2004

Ray Haysbert, Parks Sausage, 2004

Dick Hillery, Safeway, Inc., 2004

Shirley Howard, Children’s Cancer Foundation, 2004

Pete Manos, Giant Food Inc., 2004

Dick McCready, REM Enterprises, Inc., 2004

Jim McKay, Fairland Market, 2004

Marilyn McKay, Fairland Market, 2004

John Paterakis, H&S Bakery, 2004

Robert N. Santoni, Sr., Santoni’s Supermarket, 2004

Charles Burns, Super Pride Markets, 2003

Izzy Cohen, Giant Food, 2003

Angelo D’Anna, Mars Supermarkets, 2003

Carmen D’Anna, Mars Supermarkets, 2003

Albert Evans, Mid-Atlantic Food Dealers Association, 2003

David Finklestein, Kluge-Finklestein, 2003

Harold Graul, Sr., Graul’s Market, 2003

Bernie Green, B. Green & Company, Inc, 2003

Kenneth Herman, Shoppers Food Warehouse, 2003

Frank Perdue, Perdue Farms, 2003

Ben Schuster, Food-A-Rama, Inc., 2003

Betty Shinosky, Bel Garden Bi-Rite, 2003

Leonard Shinosky, Bel Garden Bi-Rite, 2003