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Monthly Sales Tax Collection Reports

2016 and 2017 State Tax Collection Reports

Please note:  The comptrollers’ office dates the report the month that the tax is due/collected by their office.  Example:  the comptrollers office will name January’s report February.  We have changed the title to the month that the data originated from but when you open the report the excel sheet will still read the following month.  Should you have any questions please give us a call.

August 2017 County

August 2017 Industry

May 2017 County

May 2017 Industry

April 2017 County

April 2017 Industry

March 2017 County

March 2017 Industry

February 2017 County

February 2017 Industry

January 2017 County

January 2017 Industry

December 2016 County

December 2016 Industry

November 2016 County

November 2016 Industry

October 2016 County

October 2016 Industry

July 2016 County

July 2016 Industry

June 2016 County

June 2016 Industry

May 2016 County

May 2016 Industry

April 2016 County

April 2016 Industry 

March 2016 County

March 2016 Industry 

February 2016 County

February 2016 Industry

January 2016 County

January 2016 Industry