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Maryland Restaurants Brace for Styrofoam Ban to Begin Thursday

Restaurants in Maryland are bracing themselves as the state’s styrofoam ban is set to take effect on Thursday.

Maryland’s ban, which passed last March, aims to cut back on polystyrene’s harmful impact on the environment and state’s waterways and wildlife. The ban includes items such as cups, plates, carryout containers and trays.

The original deadline to stop using the products was July 1, but on June 11, it was pushed back by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It just really isn’t the right time to be doing this in the middle of a global pandemic,” Maryland Retailer Association president Cailey Locklair told FOX 5 Baltimore.

She notes that the pandemic has led to major supply chain issues.

“You have facilities across the United States and globally that have been shut down,” Locklair told the outlet. “They are not manufacturing in the way that they were before. We all understand basic economics. When supply is low and demand is higher that increases prices.”

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