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Hearing Impaired Customers

Purple Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Quick Guide

Please see the below information on how to make your business accessible for Marylander’s that are Deaf and hard of hearing. For information on the Federal tax credit for those who offer certain accommodations, please click here.

Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Governor’s Office has a resources section on their website that provides information on how to create an accessible business for Deaf and hard of hearing Marylanders. Please see also visit their sections on accommodations and closed captioning requirements.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs and Services

The Governor’s Office has a virtual directory providing information on Deaf and hard of hearing programs and services. You can find this directory here.

Did you know over 1.2 Million Marylanders are Deaf and Hard of Hearing?

Learn more about this study here.

Deaf Awareness Month

September is the national Deaf Awareness Month.

Deaf Awareness Week, also known as International Week of the Deaf (IWD) 

This is celebrated annually during the last full week of September, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. The week ends with the International Day of the Deaf that falls on the last Sunday of September.

Deaf History Month

This occurs March 13 to April 15th of every year and celebrates Deaf history and promotes awareness of American Deaf culture and history.