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MRA Shipping Program

MRA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®, is a comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program that combines simplicity, savings, and value to all MRA members. As the MRA-endorsed shipping management provider, PartnerShip works with nationally known carriers to provide unparalleled customer service and significant savings on every shipment. Members who enroll in the MRA Shipping Program receive:

  • Savings of up to 29%* on select FedEx® small package services
  • Savings of best prices for all customers! on LTL freight shipments with UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and others
  • Savings of 20-40% with discounted rates on shipments to and from trade shows and events

Visit PartnerShip.com/70MDRA for complete program information and to enroll in the free MRA Shipping Program. If you have any questions, please call PartnerShip at 800-599-2902, or email sales@PartnerShip.com.

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