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Sprague Energy


With over 20 years of energy experience in the mid-Atlantic region, Sprague knows the
Maryland energy market. That’s why RAM and Sprague have joined forces to provide
members with access to natural gas, power, and the ability to lock in low energy costs.
Unlike purchasing energy from local utilities, MRA members are able to lock in rates,
providing greater budget certainty and price stability.

Please contact Thomas Gussen directly at 732-440-0031 or by email at tjgussen@spragueenergy.com to participate in our PowerShop program

Sprague  Operating Resources LLC  is MRA’s endorsed provider of electricity and natural gas. Our PowerShop buyers representative model allows members to benefit from a customized procurement approach thus giving them access to the best pricing available on a daily basis. By leveraging relationships with our wholesale energy suppliers, various pricing options are made available to members giving them strategies to manage energy expenditures and peace of mind in knowing the best options were made available.