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DAYTA is a social marketing company that is redefining client partnerships. DAYTA focuses on staying ahead of constantly evolving technologies and fostering powerful client relationships. With DAYTA’s proprietary dashboard and processes, they are able to ensure consistency and transparency. Their focus on collaboration makes their team more efficient, allowing them to offer their services at a competitive rate while producing quality results.

DAYTA’s services provide a comprehensive solution in the following four categories: Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement, Reputation Management and Talent Acquisition. They specialize in Social Media Management, Social Advertising, Search Marketing, Web Development, and Graphic Design.

MRA members have access to exclusive discounts on digital marketing services. Contact Andrew Leintz (320-345-7307 or andrew@daytamarketing.com) for MRA rates. Visit http://www.daytamarketing.com/services for more information about DAYTA’s capabilities.